18 Practical Ways to be a Good Mom

As a new mom, I enjoy learning practical parenting skills. I now understand why many moms get anxious—we want the best for our babies.

I have some tips for mothers who want to be better parents.


Mothers prioritize their children’s health. However, think of it—how could we take care of our babies if we became sick and weak? Thus, we must safeguard our health as well as our children’s. Eat well, get enough sleep, exercise, and take multivitamins if needed.

2. Consult experts for children’s proper health care.

Being around experienced mothers who offer parenting advice is good. However, we should consult doctors before following their health and safety advice for our kids. For example, if our child gets sick, we should go to the pediatrician rather than give them any medicine recommended by the concerned parents.

3. Prioritize your kids.

As full-time or working moms, our primary responsibility is raising our children to be good citizens and reach their full potential. Thus, no matter how busy we are, let us set aside time to take care of their needs personally, bond with them regularly, and be present whenever they need us.

4. Limit their exposure to gadgets.

Most kids today have cell phones, computers, and other devices, which can harm them. This phenomenon is linked to obesity, poor social skills, and mental health issues like depression in Generation Z children.

Limiting kids’ gadgets and internet use can prevent these. Instead, we should encourage them to socialize, play outside, and exercise.

5. Enforce house rules.

Like any business, our home needs a system. This will teach our kids responsibility and discipline. To encourage the study, we could ban TV on weekdays. Having a curfew, especially for minors, is also a good idea.

6. Instill discipline into them.

Regarding no. 4, we must teach our kids discipline. Sp spankings make kids more responsible. We should also condition them by rewarding good grades or not letting them play outside until they clean the house.

7. Teach respect.

We want our kids to be humble, like talking back to adults or not greeting teachers. Good manners start at home, so our responsibility is to teach them courtesy and respect. Let us teach them to honor their parents, seniors, and authorities and to respect the beliefs and opinions of others.

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8. Don’t force success.

It would be great if our kids always won medals and topped their classes. But unfortunately, not all kids are academic. So if we expect them always to get perfect scores, they may hate school and have low self-esteem.

Let’s inspire our kids to love learning and excel without pressure. Instead of scaring them with punishments and scolds for poor performance, explain the benefits of good grades and class participation.

9. Teach them early responsibility.

Teaching and assigning household chores can help. Please encourage them to study and submit schoolwork on time.

10. Allow exploration.

Let kids explore their environment to help them become independent, intelligent, resourceful, and creative. Let them play in the woods, meet new people, have summer jobs, join field trips, and camp.

There may be heartbreaks, failures, disappointments, and even dangers. How could they prepare for life’s harsh realities if we don’t expose them to these? The best that we can do is guide and supervise them on these adventures.

11. Provide avenues for them to develop their passion.

Supporting our kids’ passions and talents helps them reach their potential. We can encourage them to join clubs or attend workshops that will help them improve their skills. Let them know that you are proud of what they can do.

12. Be a role model for them.

We must model good manners, responsibility, and integrity for our children. Motherhood is the hardest here. We must model behavior for our children. Teaching by example is best.

13. Instill God-love.

Let’s not wait for the church to teach our kids about God, why they should love and follow Him, and prayer. Growing up in a God-centered environment is the best way for them to love and trust Him. As parents, we must cultivate a home where our children will learn how to live a godly life.

14. Budget.

It would be best if you learned to weigh your purchases. Understand wants and needs. Mothers want the best for their children. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford everything they want for their kids.

Milk, diapers, vaccines, and vitamins are needed. Buy those first. Because babies grow fast, they use hand-me-down clothes, cribs, and walkers.

15. Save for emergencies.

New parents should save because babies get sick quickly, especially in the first few months. In addition, be prepared for other emergencies besides hospitalization.

16. Buy health insurance.

New parents must have health insurance and save for emergencies. After my four-month-old son was hospitalized twice, I realized its importance. I spent all my money on medicines before he was hospitalized. Health insurance coverage helped me a lot with the hospital bills.

17. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

No mother is perfect. Since babies don’t have manuals, you must trust your mother’s instincts. If you forgot to do all the chores for the day, it’s okay. You can still do that tomorrow.

We shouldn’t feel wrong about being imperfect moms.

18.Get a hobby.

Mothers often neglect themselves and their friends to care for their children. Yet, we can still treat ourselves even if we can’t go out much. Most women find gardening therapeutic, while others draw or stitch. I’m cooking-challenged.

Just Love

Ultimately, our kids need our love. They’ll feel secure, complete, and confident if they’re loved. So let’s show our kids how much we care more than giving them stuff.

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