A FedEx Packaging Job May Be Right For You

If you are interested in a job as a package handler for FedEx, you should keep in mind that this job involves a lot of physical work. The tasks of package handlers include scanning and sorting packages, as well as ensuring that the packages are delivered to their destinations. If you are looking for a flexible work schedule and advancement opportunities, then you may want to consider this career option.

Physical stamina

Physical stamina is an important part of a job handling packages with FedEx. These workers must be able to lift heavy packages and stand for long periods of time. They must also be able to work at different locations throughout the workday. Physical stamina is acquired through regular exercise.

Flexible work schedules

FedEx offers a variety of flexible work schedules for its packaging jobs. The company provides paid training, an annual salary, and comprehensive benefits. These benefits can include pension plans, 401(k) retirement plans, healthcare, and more. In addition, FedEx offers additional job benefits to tenured employees. With the holidays fast approaching, the shipping and delivery industry is in high demand, making flexible work schedules an attractive option for many.

FedEx packaging jobs are available as seasonal, part-time, and remote positions. The work schedules are flexible and depend on the volume of packages shipped. Depending on the position, part-time employees may work between three and six hours a day. Full-time employees can expect to work between six and 10 hours per day. Once employees reach 40 hours per week, they receive overtime.

Opportunities for advancement

If you’re interested in working for FedEx as a packaging handler, there are a number of opportunities for advancement. You can move into supervisory or management roles and eventually work your way into customer service or sales positions. With hard work and dedication, you can move your way up the ladder.

If you’ve been in the business for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen the many positions within FedEx. From driver positions to management positions, there’s something for everyone. The company itself began in 1965 when Yale student Frederick W. Smith published a term paper on time-sensitive shipments. Several years later, he founded the Federal Express Corp. in Little Rock, Arkansas, to fulfill the demands of time-sensitive shipments.

FedEx package handlers work in warehouse environments, performing various tasks to ensure a safe transfer of goods. The work involves physical labor, and handlers must be physically fit to lift and move packages weighing 50-100 pounds. They may work part-time during the evening or full-time during the day. As their experience and training progress, they may move into full-time positions, including night shifts and weekends.

Advancement in a FedEx packaging job depends on the type of experience and location. If you have experience working for other companies, that’s a plus. However, it may take some time to advance in a FedEx packaging job. When your experience reaches a certain level, you may even qualify for a contract role in FedEx Ground or Freight.

Physical demands

Working as a package handler requires a lot of physical activity. Package handlers must be fit, have good attention to detail, and be able to manage their time well. These attributes are crucial to a FedEx packaging job. Physical demands of this position may include lifting packages weighing up to 50 pounds, bending and stretching, and transferring packages from one place to another.

Package handlers perform many tasks in warehouses, ensuring that packages and goods are delivered to their intended destination. Package handlers must be able to perform physical labor and lift and move packages weighing 50-100 pounds. Full-time employees usually work six to ten hours per day. If they work more than forty hours in a week, they are often paid for overtime.

Physical demands of a FedEx packaging job are high but rewarding. The job requires a lot of lifting, crouching, and reaching, and must be able to stay on their feet for an extended period of time. FedEx package handlers also work in a fast-paced environment with deadlines that must be met.


A FedEx packaging job may be right for you if you have the physical stamina to lift and transport packages. As a package handler, you’ll need to be able to balance a large workload and follow instructions. You’ll also have to learn how to place packages and pick them up properly. You must also be able to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.

This job can be part-time or full-time. In either case, you’ll work between twenty and forty hours a week, with overtime available. During the holiday season, you might have to work extra, so expect to be available for long shifts. Generally, shifts are early morning and late evening. You’ll need to be available for a variety of shifts so you can meet the demands of your job.

FedEx employees who work in urban areas make the most money. While salaries can vary from state to state, the average annual salary for FedEx package handlers is $41,172 in the U.S. The average salary for this position depends on many factors including education, experience, and location.

If you’re looking to start a career with FedEx, you can begin as a package handler and advance to the position of Operations Manager in about two to three years. As long as you have strong people skills and are willing to work hard, you can get promoted to the senior level in the company.

FedEx packages handlers have duties that range from loading and unloading packages onto vehicles to monitoring them while they’re on their way. They are also responsible for making sure packages are properly labeled and reach their destination safely.


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