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Buy Your Home In Kottayam

The natural beauty of Kerala attracts thousands of tourists every year.  The backwaters, serene beaches, and magnificent temples of this Indian state are surely a feast for the eyes. However, urban development in the main cities of Kerala is a notable aspect of this city. One of these cities is Kottayam, situated in the south-western part of Kerala.

Buying a house in a beautiful place like Kerala is something we all dream. If you are thinking of buying a house in Kottayam then surely this is the right time to do it. Real estate is still booming and because of this you don’t have to pay much for a 2BHK or 3BHK. Builders like Ponmankal homes offer great projects at incredible prices and you should definitely give them a try.

 Reasons to buy a house in Kottayam

The proximity of  Kottayam to Thiruvananthapuram are only 146 km. As we know, Kottayam is the Akshara Nagari of Kerala. Therefore, you can surely expect that the transport system between the two cities is quite good. If you have transportation facilities, you can easily reach the kottayam in just two hours.

Secondly, the climate of Kottayam is quite mild and pleasant. The annual temperature varies between 20 and 35 degrees Celsius, which means that winter days are not too cold and summer days are not too hot. Air conditioners are only supposed to be used in Kottayam for a few months during the summer. Otherwise, the weather continues to be very nice.

The tourism sector of Kottayam is still in its developing stage. There are many hills around the city, providing tourists with a variety of trekking options. Also, you can check out the lakes located within the city as well as in the suburbs.

Several movies have been filmed in the localities of Kottayam. So, if you wish to live in a place blessed with beautiful nature, Kottayam will not disappoint you at all.

The industrial development of Kottayam is also notable; The rubber industry is an important contributor in this regard. There are many rubber factories operating in Kottayam. Likewise, more business opportunities are available.

The cultural aspect of Kottayam is quite rich and is mainly reflected through two things: the clothing and the cuisine. The cuisines here give a complete picture of the culture and tradition of Kerala.

When you stay in a place like Kottayam, the deeply rooted cultural aspects of this city will surely captivate you. There is no shortage of top educational institutions in Kottayam and they too play an important role in carrying on the rich history of Kerala.apartments

So, those were some good reasons to buy an apartment in Kerala. Many construction companies are active in Kottayam; Some projects are under construction and others are “ready to move”. If you are ready to move properties, you can definitely consider Ponmankal Homes one of the best Apartments in Kottayam for your needs.

Before finalizing your apartment, you must check all documents related to the property. The best builders in Kottayam always keep their clients well informed about the various rules and regulations related to the location. Also, they take care of the legal procedures so that you don’t have to face obstacles.

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