CureMD EMR vs Amazing Charts  – Software Advantages For Medical Practices


Having an easy to use EMR software has many advantages for medical practices. Whether you have one or multiple medical offices, you can benefit from CureMD EMR software that is user-friendly, has mobile features and allows you to customize it to fit your unique practice needs.

Is affordable compared to one-size-fits-all EMR software

Compared to a one-size-fits-all EMR, specialty-based solutions can be less expensive. The financial advantage can be an important consideration for practices that need a new system. However, there may be exceptions to the rule for many types of data.

Many healthcare providers are reluctant to switch to an EMR that isn’t customized to their specialty. This can be because of the time and expense required for implementing the new system. Also, providers may have trouble adapting to the system’s features. Some vendors offer free onboarding, but this doesn’t mean the system is comprehensive.

Some vendors offer encounter-based pricing, requiring a low number of encounters or claims per month. This can be a good way to save money, but it’s not ideal for all practices.

Some medical software solutions also include tools for ordering bloodwork and imaging. These tools help to improve the efficiency of a practice’s billing process. However, these solutions also involve additional operational costs.

Some medical software vendors charge several thousand dollars to configure the EMR, migrate data from other systems, or enroll in payer programs. They may also charge for training.

Is mobile-friendly

Whether you are looking for an EHR software solution for your medical practice, or you are simply looking to improve your patient care, CureMD offers a variety of solutions. These solutions are designed to make your business more efficient and effective. They help you increase the productivity and efficiency of your team, while saving time and money.

With a CureMD EHR, you can practice from anywhere. It is also compatible with several different healthcare systems. You can use it to connect your practice to different healthcare facilities and insurance companies. It also provides secure e-prescribing capabilities. You can also use the software to schedule appointments and automate your practice’s regular activities. You can also use the software to manage your patient data, track potential recalls, and more.

The CureMD EHR software is ideal for medical practices of all sizes. The software includes a patient portal, which allows patients to access their health records. The portal also eliminates long waits for appointments, test results, and prescription refills.

Amazing Charts

Amazing Charts pricing is competitive and this software can help you run your medical practice better. The software helps you organize your information, keep track of your patients, and manage your billing.


Founded by a physician in 2001, Amazing Charts is an electronic health record system designed to provide easy access to critical patient information. The system focuses on minimizing redundancy and improving physician and office workflow. It has a straightforward interface and an affordable annual cost per physician. It is a great solution for independent medical practices.

Amazing Charts EHR is a full-featured EHR solution that can be deployed on-premise or cloud-based. It can be used on desktop and mobile devices. It features e-prescribing, scheduling, billing and population health solutions. CureMD EMR software is certified to meet Meaningful Use standards and HIPAA standards. It can also interface with medical devices and document management systems.

Amazing Charts offers a variety of solutions for independent medical practices. The company has been ranked as a top EHR provider for ease of use. The company offers a free demo.

Amazing Charts is a cloud-based system that provides one-click access to critical patient information. The software also facilitates easy scheduling and document management.


Founded in 2001 by a family physician, Amazing Charts is an EHR software provider that caters to independent practices. They offer cloud and on-premise deployment options. Designed to meet modern compliance standards, the software’s ease of use and robust features make it ideal for solo practices.

Amazing Charts provides one-click access to critical patient information and allows physicians to document patient encounters. The company also offers e-prescribing features, which streamlines the prescription process. The Script Writer feature reduces manual data entry of prescription details, enabling users to prescribe medications in a matter of minutes.

Amazing Charts’ scheduling system allows users to book appointments and view multiple clinician schedules. Users can also edit and move appointments. Another feature is the ability to override the duration of a visit. The software also takes care of drug interactions and allergies.

Amazing Charts’ patient portal features allow patients to access medical records, make payments and receive medication instructions in 18 different languages. They also receive educational content and visit summaries.


Founded in 2001 by a practicing physician, Amazing Charts is a top-notch electronic health record (EHR) system. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use. Its affordable pricing makes it ideal for small medical practices.

Amazing Charts has a host of value-adding features that help physicians to document patients quickly and easily. It’s also built to be highly customizable, which allows users to create custom reports. The program also has an e-prescription feature that uses ScritpWriter to streamline the prescription process.

Amazing Charts’ scheduling feature is also quite powerful, allowing users to view multiple clinician schedules at once. It also allows users to book appointments, rebook appointments, and verify appointments. Its scheduling functionality is much more powerful than many stand-alone scheduling systems.

Amazing Charts has a convenient, one-page chart layout. It also features a mechanic drop-down feature for quick access to information. It also has a feature that allows users to override visit durations.

Amazing Charts is also a very affordable EHR solution. Its pricing starts at $199 per month.

Practice Management

Founded by a family physician in 2001, Amazing Charts is a physician-developed electronic health record (EHR) software solution. With its unique one-page layout, doctors can view more information about their patients in less time. In addition, Amazing Charts also includes a practice management solution that streamlines office workflow.

Amazing Charts software features allow users to manage patient visits and appointments, as well as charting, billing, and other important medical data. This software also includes an e-prescribing function, which eliminates the need to re-enter information on prescriptions. Amazing Charts is also designed to be compatible with PCs and Macs.

Amazing Charts is available on-premise or in the cloud. The company provides a free trial for both solutions. Its pricing varies by medical practice, but starts at $199 per month for its practice management solution and $299 per month for its electronic health record software.

Amazing Charts is an ONC-ATCB certified product that meets Meaningful Use standards. The software is also certified to meet HIPAA standards.

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