Do Twitch influencers buy followers?

What is twitch?

It is an online platform for live streams. It is mainly used for live streaming and broadcasting. Twitch is a platform for gamers to watch, play live, and give gameplay comments. Other programs include talk shows, cooking, sporting events, and gaming conventions. The site lets fans directly connect with their favorite streamer through live chat sessions. Streamers broadcast live sessions with a chat viewable by the host and the audience. The audience can also send tips and advice, and even links can be posted during a broadcast.

It is a live-streaming platform. The influencers on Twitch interact directly with their subscribers. As in marketing and any business, interpersonal interaction is a must. It helps build a reliable and proper connection between the influencers and the audience.


What are Twitch influencers?

Twitch influencers do live streams on the gaming platform Twitch and make efforts to build a community of loyal audiences. These influencers also form partnerships with brands to promote their products. These days, Twitch influencers are also setting social media trends. Most are young Twitch streamers making money through paid partnerships or sponsorships. These influencers are pretty much like gaming influencers.


Why hire Twitch influencers?

  • Hiring Twitch influencers can help gain credibility and a new, genuine audience for the brand. These Twitch influencers can make the brand successful through organic advertisements. Here are some reasons for hiring a Twitch influencer for a brand:
  • Twitch influencers use live streaming for brand promotion. And most of the audience loves live streaming and prefers this form of advertisement over any blog or article.
  • The percentage of Twitch viewers is so high that they are from around the world. Hence, Twitch influencers are used to get attention from people worldwide. This will help the brand grab the attention of people worldwide. It can reach the global market and attract new buyers as well.
  • The success of a brand depends upon the personality and skill of an influencer. It should not be based on the number of followers the person has. Hence, while choosing the right influencer for a brand, one must carefully observe who is right. Twitch influencers have the power to make a brand known and famous quickly.
  • When purchasing anything online, everyone doubts whether it will be correct. Twitch influencers can eliminate this doubt related to the brand. When a Twitch influencer recommends any brand or product, people will likely trust them. They will trust the influencer’s recommendation because of his personality trait. A genuine connection between influencers and their audience plays a vital role.


How to find the right influencer for a brand?

Twitch is a site where people from around the world connect with influencers. Thus, many influencers are now trying to monetize their views through product promotion. But not all influencers can promote the brand the way the company wants. Hence, to find the right influencers, one needs to follow some steps:

Firstly, a brand should make a list of influencers who they want to promote their brand. Who they think is a proper fit. The goals and ideas of the influencer and the brand should be identical. Also, it depends on the audience reach a brand wants. The personality of an influencer and the quality value of the brand should be on the same level.

Now, the brand needs to set its budget. As influencers charge the brand based on the size of their audience. Hence, if there is a small size of the audience, then the cost will be less than that of mega influencers. However, if a brand wants a high advertisement, audience, and awareness, then mega influencers will be the right choice. Twitch has categorized the influencers based on their follower count. It helps the brand identify the category of influencer that it wants. The categories are:

  1. Nano-influencers with 1,000–10,000 followers. 
  2. Micro-influencers with 10,000–50,000 followers. 
  3. A mid-tier influencer with 50,000–500,000 followers. 
  4. Macro-influencers with 500,000–1,000,000 followers.


Does twitch influencers buy followers?

As twitch is very competitive. Influencers have to struggle a lot to reach a certain level. Followers and views play the most crucial role in the growth of any channel on Twitch. Even influencers get promotional deals based on followers and views alone. Thus, it becomes essential for people to get followers if they want to survive on the platform. Because of this, sometimes, the influencers who are struggling buy followers. The condition of buying 2000 followers on twitch is that they much be authentic and are bought from an authentic site. Otherwise, Twitch will ban the influencer if he gets caught with fake followers and views.


Benefits of buying Twitch followers

  • It will help in attracting more people to the channel. An influencer or a channel with a large audience size is always attractive to new users. So with the help of current followers, a channel can also get new followers.
  • Having a vast follower base gives a certain satisfaction to new users. They think the influencer’s content must be good, which is why the page has such a large audience. They will watch the streams and videos, ultimately increasing the views on the channel.
  • Having a good, loyal audience boosts the confidence of the influencers. They will create the content using their best efforts without worrying about being hated or judged. They know their followers are going to support them.

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