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Christmas Coloring Pages, Merry! is the only adjective that may be used to describe Christmas. It’s hard to picture Christmas without the word “merry,” whether on your holiday greeting cards or one of those enormous billboards you see on every corner this time of year. Therefore, we have created a selection of fun, accessible, and simple-to-download Merry Christmas coloring pages.

The majority of the diagrams are straightforward yet nonetheless exude a distinct seasonal charm. There are also a few sheets with sufficient elaborate features to hold the interest of older children and perhaps even a few adults who are still very much at heart children.

Best Christmas Coloring Pages

These adorable, free, simple Christmas coloring pages include Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Elf on the Shelf, a Christmas tree, a snowman, gingerbread, holiday lights, characters, cartoons, animals, nature, ornaments, mandalas, and entangles. We are pleased about them.

These coloring pages are simple to convert into Christmas cards and decorations. Everything that makes you think of Santa Claus and winter is included in this collection, from bows, ornaments, and stockings to hollies and reindeer. You can access the PDF file by clicking on any of the images. Select the ideal holiday coloring sheet from the gallery below, click to save it to your computer, and then print it off for your child or class to color.

We at Kids Activities Blog work hard to find the top coloring books for kids, but we also know that grownups enjoy them. To have an excellent time, grab your crayons, markers, colored pencils, paint, glue/glitter, watercolors, or anything in the kitchen junk drawer.


  • Fill in this free printable coloring page of a gingerbread house to display your holiday joy! This can be colored with markers, crayons, or colored pencils.

Reanimated Reindeer with Christmas Tree Coloring Page

  • Two times the cuteness! Kids enjoy coloring, and these cute coloring pages are FREE! Thanks to these reindeer coloring pages, the Christmas countdown may be enjoyed without spending any money.

Coloring page for the Snowman Trio

  • These three snowmen are impossible to refuse! The best part is that each youngster receives homemade Christmas decorations to hang in their residence or business.


  • These enjoyable Santa and his sleigh coloring sheets can help kids get in the holiday spirit. Once they’ve enjoyed themselves with these printable coloring pages, they’ll be counting the days until Santa and his reindeer arrive on your rooftop.


  • Kids can use markers, crayons, paint, or colored pencils to decorate their Christmas tree using this free printable coloring page. Even the youngest of your visitors will feel the spirit of Christmas by participating in Christmas activities and coloring pages at your celebration.


  • With the help of this free coloring page, youngsters can bring The Nutcracker to life as a traditional Christmas toy and tale. They can use their wild Christmas imaginations to design their own custom nutcracker.


  • Penguins are so adorable that they make every wintertime event more excellent. These penguin coloring pages are a fun and straightforward hobby for kids, perfect for birthday parties or Christmas parties.

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