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Clothing and fashion trends are such things without which we can’t live. But before buying any cloth fabric plays a vital role in our lives. Still, whenever we go out to buy a fabric we stay in a dilemma about what and from where to buy. Before picking up the right fabric, checking the quality of the yarn is necessary. Because everything depends upon its liner density and quality.

Fabriclore is a place where you can widen your knowledge about fabrics. It is India’s leading Fabric Manufacturer store, providing its customers with high-quality and sustainable products. We provide our services in India, USA, UK, and Canada. Working with independent artisans, local boutiques, and manufacturers all over India. Each fabric is supervised by our skilled members. Above all, it adds the flavor of creating a social impact on society. Its fabric manufacturing and packaging are both environmentally friendly. We sell wholesale fabric as well as retail quantities and prices. If you need any help in styling clothes, our skilled in-house designers will assist you with everything. 

Some of the most affordable and finest quality fabrics manufactured by our company are:   


It is a high-end fine plain woven fabric with a crisp and smooth texture. The fashion of ball gowns from the 19th century is still a part of today’s trend. Having a firm shape in backless or off-shoulder dresses is very crucial. For that, you need a fabric that stays stiff and gives you a perfect body shape. This season let your skin breathe while showing off. This fabric is used in ball gowns, wedding dresses, corsets, and in interior decoration for curtains and wallcovering.  

You can find a wide variety of colors and patterns of zari jacquard silk taffeta.


It is a pattern woven onto fabric with colored threads at right angles. Although, for western countries, it was a patent choice for skirts, dresses, and men’s wear suits. Earlier this was available in wool fabric but now you can have it in cotton, linen, dobby, and tussar silk. It is the best choice for making in-fashion flannel shirts. 


It is a synthetic fiber usually derived from petroleum. It is known for its durability, comfort, and softness. Because of the mass production, it is a cheap yet finest quality strong fabric to buy. As it is not sweat resistant, so it is advised not to wear it in hot weather.  Whereas, in winters it will keep you warm and dry.


It is a strong yet lightweight, sheer, plain woven fabric originally made from silk. Amidst the summers it is a great option as it comes in a variety of floral prints. It also has a shimmery nature making every season a bit joyful. A variety of Organza is available like embroidered sequins, foil screen print, digital print, tissue fabric, and many more.  


It is a strong cotton fabric using a twill weave creating a subtle diagonal ribbing pattern. This fabric is breathable and easy to take care of. It takes the shape of your body structure after every use. This fabric is widely used to make clothing like jeans, shirts, jackets, and much more. Moreover, jeans are typically made out of Denim Fabric.  

These were some of the fabrics with fine quality and affordable prices that are readily available at Fabriclore. You can go through a variety of colors and patterns.  

Wholesale suppliers

Some people have doubts regarding buying products from wholesale suppliers or retail shops. The benefit of buying from wholesale suppliers is that they buy products in bulk. In return benefitting businessmen and retailers to buy fabric at a much cheaper rate. Although they keep very specific items, the main focus is on quality. Whereas, retail shops try to see their benefit instead of prioritising the customer’s needs.  

If you are willing to start your journey in the clothing line, it is advised to have proper knowledge regarding the fabrics. In addition, know your wholesaler, which fabric they are selling, and its quality. Because customers look for quality and not how much quantity you bought.

For more information visit our website and have access to fine-quality fabric.   

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