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Counting emojis to your reader is essential to get your point across. Emoticons allow us to accurately convey our emotions through digital communications even though we cannot see each other’s faces. If you want to draw something simple and quick, this heart-eyed emoji might be what you’re looking for. We have selected a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw emojis, summarized in 9 easy and simple steps. With this complete guide, drawing emojis becomes more accessible.

Each stage is attended by coherent images that serve as a visual focus as you observe the teachings. All you need is a sheet of paper and all the tools you can draw. You can observe these actions effortlessly, whether a novice or a professional is in the picture. Plus, you can add your style and improvise every step of the way.

Mix and compare shades to personalize your painting and create it unique. Feel complimentary to allow your creativity to run wild and unleash your imagination. You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings.

Drawing of Emoji

Step 1:

Starting in the center of your paper, remove a perfect circle to outline the emoji’s face. If you can’t draw a perfect freehand circle, don’t worry! You can use a tool to help you draw a perfect circle called a “compass.” Feel free to use it if you want! To ensure the circle is drawn in the middle, draw a vertical line and a horizontal line on the paper.

These will serve as reference lines to help determine the ideal place to draw your circle. Remember that the point where the two lines meet should be in the middle of your circle.

Step 2:

Draw a curved line in the upper left corner inside the circle to create the first eyebrow.

Step 3:

Draw a second curved line next to the first eyebrow to complete the eyebrows. Make sure your eyebrows are even and aligned with each other.

Step 4:

A broad upward curve is drawn at the bottom of the emoji’s face. When removed ideally, this curve should define the upper lip of the emoji.

Step 5:

Draw another curve at the bottom of the mouth, connecting the two ends. It will be the lower lip of the emoji. However, the curve should be slightly lower in this step than in the previous step. It will create the impression of a big smile.

Step 6:

Inside the emoji’s mouth, draw a downward curve to form the tongue. After completing this step, you should now be able to see the big smile emoji.

Step 7:

Just below the left eyebrow, draw a heart shape. This choice is a somewhat heart-shaped look.

Step 8:

Now that we’ve finished drawing the first eye, we’ll work on the other eye. Next to the left eye and below the right eyebrow, draw a second heart shape to complete the eyes. Make sure the heart-shaped eyes are the same size. It is likewise essential to confirm that they are identical and aligned.

Step 9:

Under the heart-shaped eyes, draw two small oval shapes on the sides to create the illusion of a “blush effect.” This blush may seem small and insignificant, but it emphasizes your emoji’s facial expression and emotion. Here you can see the emoji drawing is almost done! All that’s missing is a splash of various colors to complete your artwork! Finally, filling in the colors of your amazing drawing is the most exciting part!


It is where you can display your creative skills and knowledge to mix and compare other colors. This heart-eyed emoji is originally yellow with red heart-shaped eyes. However, don’t let standards stop you from experimenting with different colors. Feel free to color the emoji using whatever color you prefer. After all, it’s your work of art! Don’t forget to add a splash of color to your emoji’s red cheeks!

Tips to make your emoji drawing even better!

These tips for your emoji sketch will make you smile! This emoji drawing is all about feeling the love! We’ve included red hearts in the design, but there’s always room for more. You can make this emoji even prettier by adding as many different hearts as you want. They can arrive in various forms, colors, and dimensions. How many more do you think will end up with this emoji? You can make other minor changes to make this emoji more personalized. For example, you can add pupils to the eyes or a tongue sticking out of the mouth. It would be great to customize your design to make it even more unique! What minor changes could you make?

Another exciting way to take this emoji design further would be to add limbs. This way, you would turn him into a complete cartoon character. The limbs could be drawn in a simple cartoon style while effectively turning that emoji into a full-fledged character. The only question is, what poses could you represent? Once that emoji looks precisely how you want, you can add emoji friends to hang out with! Just look at the text box on any phone to see dozens to choose from. Whatever emotion you’re thinking of, she probably has an emoji that could be used for that picture.

Or you can even try creating your emoji face to add! Finally, you can complete this emoji sketch with a background setting. There exist so many other methods to do it. Emoticons are bright and colorful so that the background can reflect that. You can pick a location and drag that emoji and all the extras around. It can be anything from a party to a mall or anywhere you can think of!

Your emoji drawing is complete!

We hope you want this step-by-step tutorial on how to remove a cupcake. With this guide, you will surely be able to draw and color emojis with their intricate features and elaborate details in no time. And the best part is that you can customize their flavors and play with different colors as much as you want! While you’re at it, why not try using different coloring tools too?

Once you’ve completed your masterwork, we’re confident you should feel very scornful of yourself! Completing this emoji drawing is rewarding. Be sure to display your artwork and share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. We’re sure it looks fantastic! We can’t wait to see your colorful emoji drawing!

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