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Poland. The city of Ilawa – 10 interesting facts

What is the Polish city of Ilawa famous for? Interesting facts and the most important information about Ilawa. Monuments, interesting places

Ilawa in Poland

1) Ilawa is one of the cities in Poland, in Masuria. It has been a city since 1305, more than 30,000 people live here. The Ilawka River flows through Ilawa.

2) It is a tourist resort on Lake Jeziorak. Lovers of sailing and water sports will find many attractions here during the holidays. There are many hotels and lodgings for tourists visiting the city.

3) Jeziorak is the longest lake in Poland. It is 27.5 km long and covers over 3,200 hectares. There are several islands on this lake, including Wielka Żuława. It is the largest inland island in Poland and has an area of 82.4 ha.

4) Ilawa used to be called Deutsch Eylau.

Monuments in Ilawa, interesting places

5) The oldest monument of Ilawa is the Gothic Church of the Transfiguration. This is a Catholic church, built in the 14th century. In the next century, a tower was added to it. Next to the church, a 14th-century fragment of the town’s defensive walls has been preserved. The tallest tree in Ilawa grows next to the church. It is an oak, planted here in 1871.

6) Probably the most famous building in Ilawa is the town hall, built in 1910-1912. Until 1995, the town hall building was a market hall. It used to be called the Pearl of East Prussia. It has a 28-meter high tower, from which on certain days and hours you can admire the views of Jeziorak and the city.

7) In the years 1916-1922, a city hall (stadthale) for a thousand people was built in Ilawa. Currently, after renovation, the building houses the cinema theater building.

8) When visiting Ilawa, it is worth stopping by four 18th-century Baroque sculptures depicting mythical figures. They are in the City Park.

9) Even if you did not come to Ilawa by train, it is worth visiting the local railway station. It used to be the largest railway station in East Prussia.

10) There is also an amphitheater named after Louis Armstrong in Ilawa.

Happy Skyscraper visited Ilawa

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Interesting facts about other cities in Poland

11) Visiting Jastrzebia Gora is primarily an attraction for those who want to spend time actively in the bosom of nature. An attraction for tourists are walks along the cliff coasts and along the sandy beach of the Baltic Sea.

12) Treemaiden. On the outer ward, close to the castle, stands the 18-year-old Szaniawski Manor. It is a one-story building that is still inhabited. As it was built on the foundations of an earlier building from the 15th century, there are portals from this period in the basement. (ciekawostki)

13) The Church of Saint John of Nepomuk was built in Przyszowice in 1937-1938. In the belfry there is the Urban bell from 1512 and the Grzegorz bell from 1582.

14) A tourist hiking trail runs through Przyszowice – Szlak Wedziowy GOP, leading from Gliwice to Chelmek. This trail is 78 kilometers long.

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