Top 5 Destination Wedding Venues In Hong Kong

Wedding season is around the corner. It ever brings many memories and pleasure for you and your loved ones. All you want to do  changes that make it more special for the couple and family. A wedding is the most precious and valuable event in everyone’s life. And obviously, the destination matters a lot to make it exceptional that give you extra revive and everlasting pleasure. Fall and Autumn is the best season to visit Hong Kong. You can enjoy the true colors of natural beauty. The leaves falling or slightly raining grant your event a splendid romantic touch, that can form a fantastic fantasy wedding for anyone.

In addition, give a glance look to your wedding. Plan a visit of Hong Kong to make your special day more spectacular. If you can afford it, these are the leading destination to plan a dream wedding. In this blog, you would know about the auspicious destination of Hong Kong for your dream wedding.

1-The Harbour Grand

The Harbour Grand grants you the perfect unbelievable scenic harbour look for your wedding. The hotel has a spacious arena and function hall for huge-scale wedding parties with amazing lighting effects on its rooftop. A perfect projection of 256 colors makes your destination wedding more memorable. Moreover, you can get it with Agoda offer code.

2- Auberge Discovery Bay

Auberge Discovery Bay is the prime location for your destination wedding. It Is located on Lantau island and has 25 yards outclass swimming pool. It gives you all the natural environment of a waterfront wedding that gives splendid look to your photos. The horse carriage and the next-level environment take you into a fairytale. This bay makes your wedding more glamorous than anything else.

3- Four Seasons Hotel

Four Seasons Hotel is one of the luxurious hotels that provide you with the dream destination wedding touch. The decent style of amenities gives you a glance look and enhances the beauty of your special occasion. The scented candles on the tables and glamorous light fixtures make it outstanding. Its luxurious banquet serves you delicious Chinese cuisine that gives a flavourful touch to your wedding.

4- The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton is the most high-rated luxurious place for your destination wedding. It has 102 to  118 floors and a 490m outclass terrace and full-length windows that give you a breathtaking look and elegant style. It is the perfect spot for your wedding, like a dream come true. A traditional Chinese-style banquet makes it more outstanding and gives a classy style. You can hire a personal servant for your whole wedding event.

5- The Peninsula

The Peninsula is the way best place to provide you lavish style wedding. It is a five-star hotel that gives you historic antique interior decoration. Its Salisbury Room grants you celebrity style elegant wedding. The royal way of the modern environment glances your event a fairy tale touch. It is the way decent destination for all luxury lovers. When you come through the way beyond the grand rich gold color staircase, it gives you a perfect celebrity-style wedding.

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