Why Discrimination Needs to Stop?

Discrimination is a topic of debate that never ends. Some say there is an employer’s fault in discrimination other says it’s the employee’s fault. Whatever the reason for discrimination is?

Both parties need to face the consequences. Employee loses their self-confidence whereas employers bear the loose of damaging public image or goodwill.

Will Discrimination need to be stopped?

The answer is YES, it needs to be stopped. It’s employer duty is to perform a proper investigation from time to time to detect discrimination at an early step. Let’s talk about the different types of workplace discrimination

Age Discrimination –

If you are treated badly by your employer or senior because of your age, it comes under age discrimination. For example – If you are rejected for in interview just because of your age is a case of age discrimination.

Gender Discrimination –

There are many examples on the web that there is unequal pay between men and women. But a lot of people are not aware of the fact that in today’s time men are treated more inappropriately than women in the workplace. Who so ever faces inequality, unfortunately, gender discrimination is going on in organizations. This need to be stopped.

Disability discrimination –

Either you are fit or unfit, all this is in almighty hands. But today people are not fear of god and keep on insulting or bullying these disabled people to make them feel low.


Racism is another type of discrimination that is mostly seen in organizations. Based on racism employers discriminate between employees. If an employer doesn’t support any type of community that doesn’t mean he or she starts discrimination between the employees in the workplace.


Such discrimination has been seen in countries like India where there are various kinds of religions exist. Employers should make sure there should be any discrimination based on religion inside the office premises.

What are the consequences of discrimination in the workplace and why it needs to be stopped?

If discrimination occurs in the workplace then employers are the one who is legally responsible for the discrimination. Apart from reputation damage, there are financial impacts on the organization, if an employee wins the legal battle against discrimination in the workplace.

As per the research, there are harmful effects of discrimination on the victim like anxiety, depression, Demotivation, a feeling of helplessness, and suicidal thoughts.

Apart from a mental disorders, there are various physical disorders like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, body ache, loss of energy etc.

If the discrimination happening in the organization should not deal with properly, there may be chances of loss of trust and confidence amongst the other employees. The employer should take an immediate steps if found discrimination going at the workplace during a workplace investigation.

We recommend employees go for legal action against their employer with the help of employment lawyers in Perth.

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